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Since the growth of fisheries is limited by natural resource constraints the industry’s key growth opportunities involve better utilization of resources and making byproducts from rest raw materials.

Along with innovation in traditional seafood processing, there has been a significant evolution in product development for the last years and decades.

Traditional seafood processing is expanding and today valuable products like enzymes, hydrolyzates, fishmeal, fish oil, flavorings and diverse dried seafood products are made of raw materials that used to be discarded.
Along with the fast development in resource utilization the market for those byproducts has been growing rapidly.
The need for new byproducts and better resource utilization has never been greater than now. In addition to demand from customers and stakeholder organizations, governments all across the world are putting increased pressure on businesses of all kinds to improve their resource utilization. The EU government even has pending laws on the matter.

In cooperation with partner companies that have decades of experience of fishing and traditional processing of seafood with maximum efficiency and expert knowledge of the production and selling of byproducts, Ocean Excellence can provide all necessary equipment, knowledge and technology to establish a progressive business with maximum resource utilization, or improve an existing one.