About Us

Ocean Excellence

Use every scrap of the fish to make profit, leave no waste behind!

Established in Reykjavik in 2012, Ocean Excellence started with the vision to put together knowledge, experience and proven business track of the best engineering, marine tech and fish processing companies in Iceland in order to provide unique range of turn key solutions in fishing and ocean related industry on a global level.

The Initiative, to offer complete solution range under one roof, was taken by the Icelandic companies : Ocean Cluster, Samey, Mannvit and Haustak where each and every company is a leader in its industry, and it is successfully doing business in and outside of Iceland for decades.
Ocean Excellence’s objective is to promote transfer of technology developed within the Icelandic fishing industry to similar industries in other countries. We offer solutions in relation to 100% utilization of what has been viewed as traditional fish waste.
With our partners, we at Ocean Excellence can secure high quality approach to the project design, preparation, execution, commissioning and training.

Our “more value from each fish” approach has proven successful as we involved the best that Iceland has to offer in fishing industry.